Who we Are

Finejet Group is a privately owned enterprise comprising several duly registered companies, all spurning off Finejet Limited which was established in Kenya in 2008. Finejet being an oil company offers Jet A-1,(into-plane and in drums) to both local and international customers from its own operated facilities and through its established  relationships with oil marketers. The company was duly registered and established in Kenya, January 2008.

We serve:

  • Commercial,
  • Scheduled,
  • Charter and NGO flights currently. These include UN World Food Programme, MSF Belgium, MAF, AIM Air, Astral (Cargo), UAS, Egypt Air among others. 
Through its partnership with reputable organisations, Finejet receives full technical services(Training, Insurance, International Inspections) as well as International Marketing. The company has extended its production line to include other Petroleum products. These products are supplied both locally and internationally.
The company is also into Import, Export, Wholesale of petroleum products serving the East African region thus we are able to meet customer needs without interruption.
We own a good fleet of trucks and can call on the services of a total of 200 trucks at any point in time. We know a strong in-house  logistically chain boosts the integrity and quality of the product delivered.
In projected growth, the company has identified markets for its growth that include investments in Trading, Retail sites, Large consumer contracts in Kenya as well as exports to the region. Changing customer requirements through investment in people, innovation, technology, state of the art facilities and configuring them competitively, is how we stay ahead of the competition.
We take the safety and quality demanded by clients very seriously.




Contact Us
Trans-National Plaza, 1st Floor
Mama Ngina Street
P.O BOX 103329-00101
Nairobi, Kenya

+254 20 238 75 38/JET,
+254 20 221 2519/20
+254 727 906 205,
+254 20 2212521